About Us

Quick Facts

  • e-Volve Established in 1998.
  • e-Volve Corporate technology was incorporated in 2000.
  • e-Volve’s online portal was launched in 2000.
  • e-Volve is Headquartered in Sydney Australia with national offices in VIC, WA, ACT and international offices in NZ, Singapore, USA.
  • e-Volve’s procurement portal is 100% online facilitating global 24*7 purchasing of IT hardware, software and services.
  • e-Volve’s product catalogue consists of over 2,000,000 IT products from more than 500 manufacturers.

Established in 1998 and operating online since 2000, e-Volve Corporate Technology’s customer value is underpinned by an industry leading IT product portal with an integrated range of fully automated business and technical services. Currently used by many of Australia’s leading companies, the e-Volve platform has set the benchmark in IT procurement and end-to-end technology supply chain management. We manage over 500 manufacturer catalogues of hardware, software and services, enabling online quote, order, invoicing, warranty & license tracking and ERP Integration. Currently serving over 900 enterprise customers across Australia, NZ, USA and Singapore, we pride ourselves on the cost efficiencies that our online technology and associated business model delivers:

  • A single source of supply for all IT requirements from a catalogue of over 2,000,000 unique products.
  • An automated procurement model underpinned by a mature online portal which enables users to perform configuration research and procure-to-pay functions electronically.
  • A uniquely transparent fixed margin pricing model that is based on real time pricing feeds. This ensures customers are given the best available price first time, eliminating the need for frequent and complex pricing negotiations and leads to sustainable CAPEX savings – often as much as 30% per annum.
  • Real-time access to information regarding stock availability for every product in the catalogue. The e-Volve portal guarantees published delivery ETAs resulting in fewer project timeline “blowouts”.
  • Comprehensive yet simple to use portal functionality including a range of reporting options allowing users to make timely informed decisions based on statistical data and relevant benchmarking information.
  • Simple and seamless integration into mainstream ERP and asset management systems. This eliminates most typical finance/IT “disconnects” and ensures that the IT procurement process benefits from the same level of process optimisation as all other areas of a business being touched by the ERP.
  • A comprehensive range of supporting IT infrastructure services, delivered in a highly flexible way that can be custom designed to each customers unique circumstances