Cloud Solutions


Tailoring Software as a Service to best suit your business needs

A well implemented SaaS allows access to data and applications with all of the availability, security and robustness of an “in house” deployed and maintained system. The business value lies in a SaaS’s ability to flexibly cater for mobile, remote, contract and staff users and the financial benefit of flexible Opex based, pay per use pricing.

e-Volve’s strength lies in our track record of effectively assessing business productivity needs and matching them to a range of SaaS applications that can be flexibly and cost effectively deployed within the organisation .

A planning and transition consultancy service is available to ensure all organisational needs are documented and addressed prior to deployment.

Business Benefits:

  • Optimised IT service delivery
  • Optimised IT procurement
  • Flexibility to quickly and easily scale up and down in response to business demand

e-Volve SaaS vendors of choice include : ServiceNow,, MS Office 365, Google Apps, WebEx, Symantec Security and Mcafee Websense

Why Choose e-Volve?

e-Volve has been running multiple SaaS applications within its own business for over a decade. This has resulted in a unique “hands on” understanding of how to architect, manage and deploy these services. Importantly our ongoing involvement with SaaS puts us in a unique position to recommend a best of breed group of applications that can provide “game changing” productivity enhancement ensuring the best possible business outcome.