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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Tailoring Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery to best suit your business needs

As organisations grow, so does business risk. To alleviate the potential business impact of unplanned downtime, business continuity and disaster recovery plans need to be in place.

A robust, up to date business continuity & disaster recovery plan is critical to mitigating the business impact of unplanned technology outages. Such plans need to comprehensively asses both end user and IT requirements factoring in a myriad of “case scenarios” and their potential impact. They also should incorporate a comprehensive restoration plan that encompasses business policy, technical process and is sensitive to end user requirements and expectations.

e-Volve offers a range business continuity and disaster recovery solutions including backup and recovery, storage replication, warm or hot datacentre sites, incorporating virtualization, orchestration and management. Our customers determine the risk parameters and e-Volve delivers on these.

Business Benefits:

  • Minimised organisational downtime leading to limited productivity impact
  • Contained brand and reputation impact to the business
  • Reduced need for additional technical certification and associated cost
  • Mitigated legal exposure as a result of substantially reduced risk of non-delivery

Why Choose e-Volve?

e-Volve is currently working with over 500 vendors and many hundreds of multi-product business continuity & disaster recovery solutions. This comprehensive experience and cross vendor datacentre certification ensures e-Volve can architect highly sophisticated solutions to deliver the best technical option to achieve the best business outcome.