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Security and Risk Consulting

Tailoring Security and Risk Consulting to best suit your business needs

The proliferation of the Web, SaaS and e-Commerce based solutions has seen an accelerated requirement for security and risk consulting. Increased workforce mobility coupled with an ever growing demand for extended business productivity is fuelling the need for structured, systematic risk assessment.

The e-Volve team aims to deliver a risk management framework that links existing security measures with those proposed, to form a single, consistent working security model of the enterprise.

This model encompasses all key IT assets, and the perceived threats to each providing probability based risk assessments. To cater effectively for today’s enterprise wide technology deployments a functional risk management program must deploy security measures at every point, in every business unit, in every process, within the enterprise. Uniquely, our risk management programs cater for local variations within business units while still maintaining strict, corporate governance driven levels of regulatory control.

Business Benefits:

  • Increased business scalability and flexibility
  • Productivity driven profitability
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Protected brand reputation
  • Reduced legal exposure
  • Improved customer satisfaction and increased brand value

Why Choose e-Volve?

e-Volve’s has a strong track record in s running Security and Risk consulting projects across national and international organisations, delivering comprehensive risk management assessment, audit, planning, remediation planning, transformation and multi-layer intrusion detection.