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In our tradition of delivering an industry leading online IT procurement experience we are now pleased to be providing an online feature series of syndicated content specifically for IT, procurement and strategic sourcing professionals. Over the coming months we will be discussing trends impacting all three areas with a view to providing helpful insights and best practice suggestions and advice. The IT world is rich in information. eView is our mechanism for sharing this information with our customers and other members of the e-Volve ecosystem.

As macro and micro economic factors increasingly compel business to achieve more with less we are seeing a constantly increasing symbiosis between IT, procurement and strategic sourcing as all three strive to increase their contribution to bottom line profitability. Increased uptake in use of social media in business as well as the growing proliferation of Cloud Computing as an accepted business model is further fuelling this collaboration.

Technology continues to transform strategic sourcing and procurement helping purchasing professionals maximise efficiency and automate mundane tasks. IT in turn is increasingly relying on the benefits of procurement automation to help deliver timeline and budget certainty in project deployment. As a result a number or trends that are set to redefine technology procurement are emerging.

Cloud Adoption in Procurement Automation:

Organisations looking to procurement efficiencies as a way of increasing profitability are increasing working with SaaS based purchasing solutions. The demand for Cloud based procurement models is also growing as both business and IT begin to see the benefits of removing complex and costly in house operating processes. While some concerns still remain around data security, the upside in flexibility, scalability and ease of cross business unit integration can no longer be ignored. Mobile accessibility to procurement portals is also starting to emerge as a point of differentiation.

Risk Mitigation:

Global currency fluctuations (particularly the volatility of the EURO) are presenting an interesting challenge for procurement in terms of business requiring much more stringent contingency plans to counter currency volatility. The need for uninterrupted supply, however, remains. Speed of accurate pricing availability as well as mechanisms for faster turnaround from sourcing to order placement to supply and deployment are presenting opportunities to capitalise in a risk contained way on the upside of current volatile market conditions.

Sustainability: Beyond Just a Carbon Footprint.

The impact of Carbon Offset Pricing is beginning to filter through all business processes and IT operations are not immune. As management looks towards IT to deliver Carbon efficient datacentres and infrastructure architectures, IT in turn relies on procurement automation to help remove Carbon from the technology supply process. Ability to order online and engage in drop ship supply is increasingly becoming a necessity in best practice IT procurement.

Social Networking: Reshaping the role of the Portal.

IT buyer and supplier relationships have traditionally hinged on SLA based delivery and performance tracking. Functionality rich portals with strong reporting capability have always provided assistance. However, increasingly organisations are engaging with their trusted suppliers beyond just the SLA. Companies are starting to share business experiences, latest updates and trend information, providing valuable insights for both parties. Social media platforms are fuelling this level of collaboration. As a result many organisations are looking to their supplier’s portals to provide more than just a mechanism by which to transact purchases. Portals that are rich in social media enhancements are emerging as a way to underpin entire ecosystems of buyers and suppliers linked by mutual interests.

Efficiency and Effectiveness: Still Critical.

Developing the optimal mix of “in house” service delivery in combination with externally outsourced methods continues to offer unrealised potential for greater efficiency. As IT and procurement departments continue to strive to be more effective in terms of their ability to deliver tangible business impact, getting this balance right remains high on the agenda.

At e-Volve we are watching these trends unfold and beginning to align our business response accordingly. As always, our activity is underpinned by our commitment to customer excellence through online and business process innovation. This features area of our relaunched website is one of a number of initiatives designed to bring our ecosystem into greater alignment.

As such we encourage you to make maximum use of this ecosystem by connecting with us to share your views and insights. If there are things you would like to specifically explore please let us know. The contact us tab on this website is a great place to start. Also please stay tuned for our upcoming blog where we will definitely welcome and encourage participation. As always our client relationship team is happy to receive any feedback on how we may be able to improve your Strategic IT Sourcing, procurement or technology deployment experience.

I look forward to remaining connected.

David Simpson
e-Volve Chief Executive Officer