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Print solutions – Managed Print Services

Tailoring Print solutions to best suit your business needs

Print solutions bridge the physical and digital world. This often involves a change in business approach and a comprehensive assessment of how an organisation interacts with paper. More than ever, organisations need to fully assess the print needs of a wide cross section of employees to ensure effective solutions are deployed and expectations are met moving forward.

Distributed print environments are difficult to manage; printer assets are overlooked and under managed. Multi-vendor print environments are resource intensive to support and expensive to run.

A packaged print solution incorporates, printer fleet design, consolidation and refresh, management of printer toner, printer hardware and maintenance kits. Enhanced printing features include duplex, colour, stapling, throughput speed and can incorporate a utility pricing model.

To reduce printing costs & improve workforce productivity, a Managed Print Service (MPS) contract and or a digital Cloud printing service can be established.

Business Benefits:

  • Cost reduction from a simplification of printing environment
  • Improved workforce productivity through a customised printing infrastructure designed to specific business and environmental requirements
  • Increased print output functionality from latest technologies

e-Volve Print vendors of choice are Lexmark, HP, Xerox, Canon and Samsung.

Why Choose e-Volve?

e-Volve has dedicated expertise across managed print and Cloud print offerings and can deliver these as a utility pricing model, pay per click or provide a coordinated fulfillment hardware and services model as Capex or Opex. Our intellectual property, certification investment and close working partnership with our clients and vendor partners ensure technically optimal solutions, delivering the best possible business outcome.