Supply Chain Services

e-Procurement Integration

Tailoring e-Procurement Integration to best suit
your business needs

Empowering strategic sourcing, procurement, IT and finance to work effectively together is critical to delivering tangible return on investment. An organisation’s ability to take advantage of e-Procurement integration drives this effectiveness through broader collaboration, greater focus and removed duplication of effort.

Most organisations today execute all of their IT purchasing either through a dedicated procurement system or use specific functionality inside their ERP systems. These systems are typically geared to deliver better financial management of the purchasing process as opposed procurement streamlining and flexibility. They typically require manual entry of all purchases which can be slow, labour intensive, prone to human error and cumbersome when dealing with multi-vendor pricing configurations.

e-Volve offers seamless integration into mainstream ERP and procurement systems. This integration delivers all the functionality of the e-Volve procurement portal from within an organisation’s existing internal procurement environment.

Business Benefits:

  • Faster, more automated ordering
  • Elimination of re-keying and reduced manual data entry
  • Reduction in human keying errors
  • Organisation wide transparency across:
    • Negotiated bid pricing
    • Transaction status at any point in time
    • IT spend

 e-Volve currently supports integration into all major ERP systems including Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, and the entire suite of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions.

Why Choose e-Volve?

e-Volve offers a unique end –to-end process for souring and deploying technology products and services. This process is supported by industry leading people, cutting edge portal technology and an extensive yet simple business model designed to ensure the best technical solution and deliver the best business outcome.