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IT Supply chain consulting

Tailoring IT Supply-chain consulting to best suit your business needs

The role of the supply chain is changing as it moves from a static, cost-centric model to an evolving, integrated model. Organisations are increasingly looking towards their supply chain to help transform the way they do businesses, altering the way they think, organise and execute. These transformations involve looking at business processes horizontally rather than vertically to develop collaborative process integration both within and beyond the enterprise

Companies are moving toward a dynamic, real-time supply chain model that features the key characteristics of an On demand enterprise. An On Demand supply chain is supported by applications that enable real-time information visibility inside and outside the enterprise. It is adaptable, able to respond to changes in market conditions faster than traditional supply chains because it uses real-time information. It leverages existing investments through increased productivity and greater business flexibility, and extracts greater value from data to drive business innovation. It also drives maximum advantage from variable cost structures to align costs with revenue and share risk across a network, rather than concentrate it in a single enterprise.

e-Volve’s approach to effective IT supply chain procurement practices builds on existing effort and investment. We work collaboratively with internal stakeholders to cover areas such as business change/transformation, changing existing procurement practices using best-practice principles, the role of leading class technology in business process and core business application solutions.

Business Benefits:

  • Proactive procurement strategy through defined procurement opportunity assessment
  • Procurement process reengineering
  • Enablement of strategic sourcing
  • Procurement application implementation
  • Customer driven supplier relationship management
  • Reduced costs and increased productivity leading to greater business efficiency

Why Choose e-Volve?

Our IT supply chain consultants are senior industry respected specialists who come with a strong understanding of current IT pricing drivers and procurement initiatives and a robust track record of directly and indirectly removing cost from the IT procurement process. They have been delivering consultancy solutions to leading Australian and International companies for over two decades. Our intellectual property, and close working partnership with our clients and vendor partners ensure the supply-chain solutions we develop deliver the best possible business outcome.