Device Lifecycle Management

Tailoring a Device Lifecycle to best suit your business needs

An asset life cycle encompasses product selection and procurement, fulfilment, delivery, deployment, decommissioning and eventual disposal of hardware and/or software. Effective management of this process is critical to ensuring minimal disruption to the business during upgrades or generation transitions.

IT asset lifecycle services are a natural extension of e-Volve’s procurement management approach and incorporate business practices that join financial, contractual and inventory procedures to support strategic IT decision making.

Nearly 80% of the cost of an asset during its useful life is attributed to the services and support rendered to the asset. Therefore any processes designed to automate the request and delivery of standard asset services will result in direct cost savings. Through it's asset registration, warranty and license tracking functionality e-Volve’s portal becomes a de facto centralised repository of all data pertinent to the maintenance, license upgrades and general servicing of the asset throughout its lifecycle. The portal assists with the management and tracking of warranty replacement, break fix, help desk transaction information and software license maintenance.

All active and retired assets are managed online and can be associated to a user, department or cost code for reporting purposes. Hardware can be advanced or forward ordered and managed as inventory stock, ready for deployment. Once assets reach the end of their designated life, e-Volve’s decommissioning and disposal services enable customers to securely and sustainably dispose of all hardware and software assets.

Business Benefits:

  • Efficient procurement and timely supply of ICT hardware.
  • A single supply contact for hardware from multiple vendors.
  • Quality assured pre-configuration of equipment.
  • Efficient national and international deployment of equipment.
  • Single contact point for end to end asset lifecycle management.