The e-Volve Portal

Delivering a Purchasing Portal to best suit your business needs

e-Volve’s Procurement and Asset Management platform allows you to significantly reduce the time spent managing suppliers, your purchasing and Asset Data. We expect to save you between 70% and 250% of the procurement, operational and asset management costs you experience today.

Our clients can utilise e-Volve Portal to perform a range of manual operational functions, online at their own convenience including:

  • Purchase order status and ETA reporting.
  • Cost code management.
  • Back order reporting.
  • Asset management.
  • Device asset, warranty and software license tracking.

Our continued innovation and development of the e-Volve Portal delivers ongoing procurement process excellence to our customers. This gives them increased competitive advantage through greater operational productivity and efficiency whilst reducing their IT sourcing, procurement and deployment costs – often by as much as 30+%.

e-Volve Portal Core Functionality:

Product Search – allows you to actively search an extensive International catalog of over 2,500,000 technology products from a comprehensive range of over 600 manufacturers to find the right solution, pricing and stock availability for your business. Quote – customers are able to generate instant, obligation-free quotes online allowing them to make concise business decisions.

Quote – save and send quotes throughout your organisation for approval. Request As-a-Service pricing to be enabled, so your future purchases are invoiced, per hour, month etc as your business requires.

Purchasing – procurement can be executed through the portal, through ERP punch-out or catalog provisioning integration into your systems. Is highly configurable to support permission based procurement workflows and manage and enforce multiple vendor specific bid prices for vendor price monitoring and compliance.

Hardware, Maintenance and Software License Asset Management – post procurement, all hardware and software licensed assets are accessible online and linked to proof of purchase, inclusive of hardware, asset warranty and license expiration alerts, reporting and renewals.

Reporting and Dashboards – you have access to a number of reports and Dashboards across Procurement, Service Level, Back order, Asset and License management and Compliance, ensuring you can retrieve information from one consolidated repository to assist in your planning and future budget reporting.

Resolve – Are you looking for a more responsive and accountable supplier, then our real-time customer support tool “Resolve” ensures your requests have company wide visibility and internal and external service level tracking.

Invoicing and statements – all invoices and statements can be configured and sent to the right your authorised designated areas for payment, reducing additional administration management. Invoices can be sent in various formats for ERP ingestion if required.

Click here to register for an account with e-Volve Online! View our Privacy Policy here.

Click here to register for an account with e-Volve Online!

View our Privacy Policy here.


Your Business Benefits:

  • International Portal pricing and availability across 600 Vendors and 2.5M products and services

  • Staff and Student Portal purchasing

  • ERP, ITSM and AMDB Integration to streamline procurement, help desk and Asset Management
  • Procurement, Hardware and License Compliance reporting