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The e-Volve Portal

Delivering an Online Purchasing Portal to best suit your business needs

e-Volve Portal allows customers to manage all of their IT procurement needs through a single online interface, providing them complete visibility of their technology supply chain.

Our clients can utilise e-Volve Portal to perform a range of manual operational functions, online at their own convenience including:

  • Purchase order status and ETA reporting.
  • Cost code management.
  • Back order reporting.
  • Asset management.
  • Device asset, warranty and software license tracking.

Our continued innovation and development of the e-Volve Portal delivers ongoing procurement process excellence to our customers. This gives them increased competitive advantage through greater operational productivity and efficiency whilst reducing their IT sourcing, procurement and deployment costs – often by as much as 30+%.

e-Volve Portal Core Functionality:

Search – allows customers to actively search an extensive catalog of over 2,000,000 technology products from a comprehensive range of over 500 manufacturers to find the right solution for their business. Transparent pricing allows customers to benchmark competing products ensuring the best value configurations.

Quote – customers are able to generate instant, obligation-free quotes online allowing them to make concise business decisions.

However, most organisations have a multiple quote procurement policy in place to ensure competitive pricing. e-Volve’s transparent online pricing model is able to deliver varying multiple vendor configuration quotes instantaneously, negating the need for complex, time consuming configuration discussions. Our level of automation enables us to operate on lower margins than the majority of our competitors, therefore ensuring our customers get the best possible price first time. This can significantly cut down the time and effort involved in sourcing and comparing multiple quotes.

Order – once they are ready to purchase customers can turn any quote into an order within e-Volve Online. Most orders of confirmed available stock that are placed before 2pm will be delivered the next business day anywhere in Australia.

Invoicing and statements – all invoices and statements are sent electronically through e-Volve Online. This reduces the paper trail and gives users quick access to past invoices if they are ever required.

Also, e-Volve Online can be configured for straight through processing of invoice and asset data into mainstream ERP systems. This negates the need for IT and finance to capture data including any associated double entry.

Asset Management – A major benefit of using the online portal is its extensive tracking capabilities that make asset management a reality.

As customers procure through the e-Volve Portal, a database of critical asset and warranty information is created which can be viewed online or extracted in a report at any time. These reports capture all relevant data for warranty claims and service calls (including original PO number and date, asset serial number, original invoice number/date and manufacturers service contact details) within the e-Volve system. This removes the need to manually search for proof of purchase or other documentation through finance and other business units. All information is available to the e-Volve Online portal user and can be matched to the serial number or asset tag on the device.

The e-Volve Portal also enables customers to proactively take control of the maintenance and renewal process of their hardware assets and software application licenses. For example when software application licenses or hardware maintenance agreements are 90 days out from expiry e-Volve Online automatically generates an email to the customer advising of the impending expiry giving them ample time to take appropriate action.

Reporting – All data generated during the procurement process is fully accessible for secure viewing and retrieval via e-Volve Online. This provides customers access to a wide range of reports to assist in their planning and internal reporting. Commonly used reports include:

  • Back order report – daily status updates for all products that are on back order.
  • Client value report – a dollar value summary of how much a business has saved by using the e-Volve Online portal for their IT procurement.
  • Standard Equipment Lists (SEL) – customer configured product bundles with real time buffer stock information, supplier ETA’s and pricing updated daily.
  • Invoice and shipping reports – to streamline customer receipt of supply and subsequent invoice payment.

Resolve – A major differentiation for e-Volve Online is its inbuilt real-time customer support tool Resolve. Reviewed daily by e-Volve’s IT procurement specialists Resolve is a customer centric mechanism for managing email communications, requesting configuration assistance and general monitoring of client activity on the portal.

Unlike standard emails which can occasionally get lost or accidently be deleted all Resolve communication carries an audit trail and has defined turnaround times to ensure the seamless flow of information between our customers and our team.