IT Procurement Services

Tailoring Procurement Management to best suit
your business needs

An effectively managed procurement process can deliver quantifiable cost savings while mitigating risk and providing increased visibility of an IT project through its various stages. At e-Volve we are typically able to deliver customers bottom line cost savings of between 10% and 30% annually. 

When used consistently, the benefits of e-procurement can be significant. e-Volve’s online procurement portal is one of the most advanced yet simple to use online IT purchasing portals available today. This is because the portal:

  • Is accessible anytime, from anywhere via any standard web browser.
  • Has the broadest catalogue of IT products in the industry. (Over 2,000,000 products from more than 500 manufacturers.)
  • Encompasses the entire purchasing life cycle, from quoting and sourcing to payment and receipt of payment. This negates the need for using multiple systems to purchase IT.
  • Is highly configurable with the ability to support and enforce the multiple vendor specific bid prices that normally go into an organisation’s IT SOE, eliminating the need to deal with each component vendor independently.
  • Supports permission based procurement workflows to uphold negotiated bid prices and eliminate unsanctioned purchases.
  • Centralises all IT related procurement questions and customer issues into an SLA driven resolution mechanism (Resolve) which is managed by a team of technical IT product procurement specialists.
  • Creates asset registration records for warranty tracking purposes and maintains software licensing information for easier administration of volume software agreements.
  • Delivers an extensive set of pre-built and customisable procurement operation and IT spending reports, as well as benchmarking and analysis reports. All designed to help organisations further streamline their IT procurement by making informed purchasing decisions based on timely, relevant information.

Business Benefits:

Doing this achieves:

  • Substantially lower component prices based on centralised annual procurement volumes.
  • Time and resource savings as both procurement and IT staff are freed from repetitive operational purchasing and “one off” price negotiation tasks and able to focus more of their effort on higher value strategic activities.
  • A faster, smoother and ultimately cheaper procurement process that does not compromise the delivery experience or the project outcome.