IT Procurement Services

Tailoring Procurement Management to best suit your business needs

An effectively managed procurement process incorporates Product selection, Price benchmarking, Price negotiation, Procurement, Vendor Price Monitoring and Consulting to deliver quantifiable and ongoing cost savings throughout the life of the product. Our customers entrust these services to e-Volve as we are the only technology company that can deliver all of these services AND monitor Vendor pricing using our pricing monitor platform tools. This gives our customers the comfort that price movements are being monitored daily and will allow our customers to realise typical bottom line cost savings of between 10% and 30% annually. 


Business Benefits:

  • Having our highly experienced Procurement negotiators work with your IT and Procurement teams to deliver the optimum business and financial outcomes.

  • Substantially lower component prices based on centralised annual procurement volumes.

  • Time and resource savings for both Procurement and  IT, as they are freed from repetitive operational purchasing and “one off” price negotiation tasks and able to focus more of their effort on higher value strategic activities.
  • A faster, smoother and ultimately cheaper procurement process that does not compromise the delivery experience or the project outcome.
  • Having historical data as our collective reference point to ensure vendor price monitoring continues throughout the lifecycle of the product/s.
  • Using our consultancy service to determine what is the correct pricing points you should be negotiating and requesting.