Real-Time Hardware & Software Asset Management

Real-time Hardware & Software Asset Management Right Online!

e-Volve is now taking the lead in real-time device and software asset tracking on demand all right out of your current e-Volve portal.

For organizations struggling to effectively manage their endpoints in a mobile environment, e-Volve delivers an always-connected IT asset management solution. Through the power of embedded technology that is in over 1 billion endpoints from the factory. A persistent connection to each device is maintained at all times whether on or off the corporate network. You can ensure endpoint visibility, optimize lifecycle management and prevent and remediate endpoint vulnerabilities including compliance.

With e-Volve's always-connected IT asset management, you eliminate blind spots by maintaining uncompromised visibility of all of your endpoints from the moment monitoring is activated to the day they are decommissioned whether on or off your network. As a result, you can optimize device lifecycle management, gain operational efficiencies and maximize return on your technology investment. e-Volve’s solution also allows you to avoid non compliance-related penalties, protect your intellectual property and ensure business continuity.

Where can this resolve your organisational pain points:

- Hardware and software compliance.
- Device geo locations.
- Application management.
- Endpoint visibility.
- Avoid device loss.

Flexibility is key when is comes to asset management and as such we have solutions for packaging these features along with the purchase of new hardware or even adding it to your existing fleet to give you full coverage of your hardware and software compliance.