As the founder, Chief Strategist and Executive, I am proud to share why Australia’s largest organisations have engaged and trusted a wide range of IT services to e-Volve since May 2000. By way of background, we were one of the first companies in Australia to provide IT procurement and asset management portal services and continue today to be the benchmark technology company of online services in Australia and beyond. Our Global business is represented predominantly in Australia, however we do also have trading entities in NZ and the United States and our customers can transact through our portal all around the world, inclusive of Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

Today our customers enjoy;

  • the best supplier aggregator or broker services
  • the best supplier aggregation business model,
  • the best margin or fee for service, and
  • the greatest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) benefits

Throughout our website, you will see demonstrated capabilities and differentiation in market offerings, that deliver significant cost returns through Procurement, Asset Management and faster business outcomes to our valued customers.

Our go to market strategy is to ensure our collective businesses, people and cultures are on a similar path to extract the maximum and mutual benefit and results possible.

IT and Procurement objectives today are to simplify their engagements, maximise their returns and enhance their agility to deliver to their corporate strategy more quickly than their competitors. This plays to the heart of e-Volve’s superior core expertise and platform capabilities.

e-Volve’s commitment is to reduce overall costs by becoming your prime single source IT supplier, delivering all required digital catalogues that simplify your procurement process, aligning to real-time hardware asset and software license management, underpinned by procurement and asset Benchmark data to validate your decisions and deliver the TCO you are seeking.

If our services hit a chord for you, where ever you are on your journey, don’t worry, we will help you get ahead of the curve and help you Save More, Get ahead and Stay different. All we simply ask in return is Trust, Partnership and Commitment.

We look forward to welcoming you into the e-Volve family.

Your sincerely,

David Simpson
Chief Strategist and Executive


Your Business Benefits:

  • Reduce time and money spent dealing with multiple suppliers and relationships

  • Having a world class and pricing data portal delivering all of your procurement, asset management and compliance needs
  • Agreeing a fee for service that allows you the peace of mind to get on with your core deliverables
  • Having access to IT supplier benchmark data to continue validating your decisions.